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Government Of Assam Health & Family Welfare

Chief Minister’s Free Diagnostic Services

  • Background :

    Quality diagnosis is vital for medical practitioners to make effective decisions about treatment. Access and availability of quality Radiology Services have been a key challenge for the health system. The out of pocket expenditure of the patients on diagnostic tests are increasing and forms the second major segment of such expenditure after medicine.

    To address the above issues, Chief Minister's Free Diagnostics Services is envisaged to ensure availability of minimum set of diagnostics services at health institutions. Under Chief Minister's Free Diagnostic Services CT Scan, X- Ray and Laboratory services will be provided free of cost to all irrespective of APL/BPL status.

    Programme Overview :

    CT Scan Services:

    28 CT Scan centers will be established at 28 district hospitals. 24 centers have already been completed and made operational. Installation of 4 more centers has been completed and will be made operational shortly. Installation of the remaining seven centers will be completed and made operational very soon.

    Reporting of CT Scan images will be through Tele Radiology by the qualified Radiologist. Patient will receive CT Scan image along with report prescribed by a qualified Radiologist. Normal cases will be reported within 6 hours and emergency cases within 2 hours. All patient referred by government health institutions will be provided CT Scan services free of cost.

    All the CT machines are of 16 slice and GE make. The CT Scan machine installed are product of Make in India initiative of Hon'ble Prime minister and are being installed in the government segment on such a large scale for the first time in the country.

    X- Ray services:

    All X- Ray machines available at government health institution (PHC/CHC/DH) will be connected through Tele Radiology. The X- Ray image will be captured by the Radiographer and will be transmitted to Hub through Tele Radiology. The Radiologist available at the Hub will analyze the image and will write report electronically. The report will be transmitted back to the concerned health institution and the patient will receive digital X- Ray image along with report prescribed by a Radiologist. All the patients of government health institutions (PHC/CHC/DH) will be provided X- ray service free of cost.

    A total 130 health institutions have been selected which will be connected through Teleradiology.78 centers are operational and rest will be operational very soon.

    Will Benefit :

    All citizen irrespective of APL/BPL status.

    How to Avail :

    Minimum set of diagnostics services has been ensured at health institutions, which can be availed by citizen by visiting the health institute.

    Laboratory Services :

    Laboratory services at DH/CHC/PHC will be provided free of cost to all through Hub and Spoke model. District Laboratory (Hub) will be set up at 28 district hospitals. These laboratories will be equipped with state of the art technology and equipments. Sample from all the health institutions will be collected and transported to district laboratory (Hub). At the Hub sample will be analyzed and report will be communicated (electronically as well as hard copy) to the respective health institution. The patient will receive report next day.

    Normal case report will be provided within 24 hours and emergency within 3 hours. A total of 56 nos of tests will be covered under the Chief Minister's Free Diagnostic Services.

    Installation has been completed in 27 locations and will be made operational shortly. Installation in the other 1 number will be completed and made operational very soon.

    Free Lab Services Programme will be implemented through M/S HLL Lifecare Ltd.

    Achievement :

    Free Diagnostic Services DashBoard

    District Wise Total No. of XRays