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  • PC PNDT Act, 1994 (Pre-conception & Prenatal Diagnostic Technique Act):

    The Director of Health Services (FW), Assam is mandated to implement the PC PNDT Act. The Director of Health Services is the appropriate authority to implement the PC PNDT Act. All USG Clinics / Hospitals are required to be registered by the District Officers under DHS (FW), Assam under this Act.

    List of Approvals/Renewals, Check list of documents requirement, Timeline for approval and Applicable Fees

    Sl. No.Approvals/ RenewalsCategoryList of Documents SubmittedTimelines for ApprovalApplicable Fees
    1.Form ‘A’ Application for fresh and renewal registrationPre Establishmenti) Affidavit – Rule 4 (1)
    ii) Application Fee {Rules 5 (a) and 5 (b) in bank DD only accepted}
    (iii) Sketch Map of Clinic
    (iv) Name of Radiologist/ Gynaecologist/ Sonologist who will operate USG machine with certificate of degree and appointment letter
    (v) The application for renewal must be made in duplicate in the prescribed Form ‘A’ (Same as the one prescribed for obtaining the first Registration Certificate)
    90 daysRs. 25,000/- for GCC/ G. Lab/ GC/ USG Clinic/ Imaging Clinic/ IVF Clinic (new amended)
    Rs. 35,000/- for an Institute, Hospital, Nursing Home or any place providing jointly the services of GCC/ G.Lab/GC/ USG Clinic or Imaging Centre or any combinations thereof.(new amended)
    Renewal, application fees half of what was initially payable will have to be paid.
    2.Form ‘B’ for Certificate of RegistrationPre Operationi) Registration Certificate shall be issued in duplicate in prescribed Form B
    ii) It is mandatory for the centre to display one copy of the registration certificate in a conspicuous place (near the machine) at its place of business {Sec 19(4), Rule 6(2)}.
    iii) Every Certificate of Registration shall be valid for a period of 5 years since it’s issuance in the prescribed form ‘B’.
    70 days
    (As amended)
    No Fees
    3.Form C for Rejection of ApplicationPost Commencementi) Rejection of the application shall be communicated to the concerned party15 daysNo Fees
    4.Form D for Maintenance of CentrePost – Operation.Centres will fill up relevant points and sent to AA on or before 5th day of every month {Rule 9(2)}.Monthly, every 5th of relevant monthNo Fees