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Government Of Assam Health & Family Welfare

108 Mrityunjoy

  • Overview:

    In the changing life styles, an integration of multiple services to provide quick and comprehensive emergency response is required. Further, with increase in the number of road traffic accidents, high rate of birth related emergencies, bomb blast and other calamities demand a centralized emergency management system. Although there are referral transports available in the health facility but their services always do not address all the medical emergencies and cater very few of the rural population. Looking at the demand for comprehensive emergency system Government of Assam has entered into a MoU with the EMRI, Hyderabad on 8th July, 2008.

    Started on: The 108 Mrityunjoy Emergency Response Services was formally inaugurated on 6th November, 2008 at Guwahati.

    Objective: The objective of the partnership is to improve access of the general public to services like Medical, Police and Fire.

    Strength: There are in total 380 ambulances covering all 27 districts. Each Ambulance is manned by a ‘Pilot’ and an ‘Emergency Medical Technician’ (EMT) who is a trained para-medic capable of providing pre- hospital care while transporting the patient to the hospital.

    How To Avail: The Mrityunjoy-108 Emergency Response Services is 24 x 7 functional with dedicated team members. Dialing ‘108’ the toll free emergency number, the emergency call lands at Emergency Response Centre (ERC). From there the call is processed depending on the emergency and location of the caller and is dispatched to the Ambulance located nearest to the site of emergency.

    Services Provided:

    108 Service from 2008-09 to 2017-18 (Up to April, 17)
    ParametersFY 2008-09FY 2009-10FY 2010-11FY 2011-12FY 2012-132013-142014-152015-162016-172017-18 (Up to April, 17)Total
    Total Calls9599533163754255341028978983221838329313735032233741189288098624991726465305
    Emergency Call88532458464547549566487543656573884641876566201440126341214460896
    Total Availed Medical Emergencies Served   37855271587320344335282296068382294442511421669335012263782869000